YouTubers Showcase TV Potential

Inaugural Jumping Screens Comedy Workshop participants showcase TV potential through original comedy TV series concepts.

Media Lab Alumni Win Big at Digi Awards

CFC Media Lab participants and alumni took home four awards at the 2015 Digi Awards.

Convos With My Two-Year-Old

2016 Academy Special Award Winners

Among the winners are CFC's Chief Digital Officer Ana Serrano and CFC alumna Karen Walton.

CFC Kids Around With DHX Media

CFC and DHX hosted a one-day symposium to kick off the newly announced The DHX Experience.

Oscar Fletcher

The DHX Experience

We teamed up with DHX to launch a new initiative to develop talent for the family/tween/kids marketplace.

A Conversation With Todor Kobakov

Read what this composer & Slaight alumnus says about the CFC, working with Bruce McDonald, his films at TIFF 2015 + more.